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6 Necessary Principles Of a Happy Life

A friend of mine has asked me recently? What principles do I have to observe to live a happy life? My answer will be in today’s article.

What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

According to TheOdyssayonline, being happy means”something that makes you comfortable and content. So to be completely happy, you are living a life that is free of stress and negativity. Happiness isn’t something that can be obtained through how much money you have or how popular you are.”

Various Kinds Of Happy Life

As you know, all this on this blog is about happiness. There are four major areas of a happy life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. But now I would like to give you some more ways of classifying a happy life:

  • material life – financial status, material goods,
  • relationships – family, friends, your partner and children,
  • work – satisfaction from your job, good relationships with your boss and co-workers,
  • health – healthy body, optimum weight, being trim and vigorous
  • self-fulfilment – you fulfil your life mission
  • spiritual happiness – living according to the moral code, here – the values of Light

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happy life
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The 6 Principles Of a Happy Life

Now I will describe you the six principles of a happy life. Observing them and focusing on the positive side of life plus the values of light, you will definitely be happy.

1. The Principle Of Mirror

One of the Universal Laws – of Correspondence, says that the world outside you reflects your inner self. If you are happy inside, love yourself, then people around you will behave in a lovingly and friendly way and the negative ones will be kept at bay.

I mean all kinds of personality here, some beyond your awareness. For example, your inner child, parent and adult, your ego, subconscious and superconscious mind.

What can you do to live a happy life? Start being good to yourself, love yourself, eliminate your inner critic and minority complexes. Treat yourself kindly. You are the Divine being, having God’s strength within. Use it for your advantage, but according to the values of Light.

2. The Principle Of Choice

Remember this truth: all that happens in your life is the consequence of your decisions. You are just collecting the crops of some seeds sown earlier. Therefore, if you want to live a happy life, sow good seeds.

What do your choices concern? Here are some examples

  • treating other people – kindness, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness,
  • your thoughts,
  • your language,
  • treating animals,
  • treating yourself, e.g. if you take care of sleep, good nutrition, exercises

3. The Principle of Responsibility

This principle assumes taking responsibility for your life, which means no blaming, complaining or excuses. Your life is in your hands. I have already written a couple of articles about this issue. Let me remind you of what you are responsible for:

  • relationships – with your family and friends, your boss and co-workers, with other beings,
  • financial status,
  • time management,
  • spiritual growth,
  • physical health – your weight, fitness, quality of sleep,
  • quality of your thinking, self-talk and deeds,
  • your job and satisfaction from it,
  • your mood.

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Do you want to have a happy life? Take responsibility for it which will mean creating it according to happiness. thinking positive thoughts, saying positive words and doing decent deeds will definitely help you to achieve this goal.

4. The Principle Of Fallibility

Do you know this idiom “to err is human to forgive is divine”? If you do, this is the whole truth of this principle. You have the right to make mistakes. But it also means that your views and judgement may be wrong. Being righteous is the short way to create negativity and unhappy life because you become frustrated with other individuals (i.e that they do not understand you. Everyone who believes only in their viewpoint does not perceive reality.

5. The Principle Of Accordance

You receive exactly as much as I can imagine, neither more not less. It concerns both your relationships and other relations and your material goods. All grumbling does not make sense here. However, if you change your attitude to the circumstances of these issues, these circumstances will change.

6. The Principle Of Presence – “Now And Here”

The past does not exist because it is already gone. The future does not exist because it has not come yet. Attachment to the last leads to depression and attachment to the future generates worries. Unless you live in the present, you are safe.

What can You Do?

Now check if you are living according to these principles. If not, read what you can do to improve your life:

  • Start taking responsibility for your life and your reactions in particular, i.e. become your own boss. Never blame yourself, other people or circumstances for your situation.
  • If you want to be happy in your relationships so that people will treat you decently – become this person first. Think about what you can change in your attitude or language. Do it in writing.
  • Live in the present, use mindfulness, focus on everything around your right now, see how your goals are manifesting right now.
  • Work with your imagination and expectations so that your life looks according to it. Therefore, think only positive thoughts and think big, reaching the stars.
  • Be careful of your choices considering the consequences first, but do not be afraid to make decisions them. If you do not make a decision, other people and life will do, not necessarily in accordance with your goals.


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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the six principles of life and how to live according to them. They concern responsibility, being a mirror, fallibility, choice, accordance and living in the present. Good luck with living according to them and creating the happy life you deserve.


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