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Changes In Life: How To Face Them Successfully

We all undergo changes. This is one of the Universal Laws. However, have you ever wondered how to face the changing world?

Changes And Why We Are Afraid Of Them

Firstly, let’s review what the Law of Change states for.

The Law of Change is the Law of Movement — inspiration, dreaming, planning, implementation, action, fulfillment, repeated again and again, lifetime after lifetime — creation, re-creation (letting go everything that does not serve us) knowing that the core of our being, Who We Truly Are, remains constant, does not change no matter how many journeys we embark upon.

Golden Age of Gaia

So this Universal Law simply means that everything is changing all the time and that changes are inevitable. But why then are we so afraid of losing the status quo?

Why Are You Afraid Of Change?

Below, I will present you a couple of reasons why we are afraid of changes and what to do to challenge them.

1. Fear Of Loss

How many times have you been afraid of losing your job, partner, wealth? It is natural. But look at nature. The Moon and the Sun change their altitude constantly. Even in business, we have something like the product curve, where it goes up for a given period of time and then declines. What can you do then? Accept that after winter there is always next spring and summer so that losing something is the beginning of attracting something better.

2. Fear Of Helplessness And the Unknown

It is also natural that we are afraid of new things because of leaving the control zone. It is not comfortable being beyond it, having to learn new things, being exposed to the risk of making mistakes. But remember, we are learning all the time and changes are the best opportunity to do so.

3. Fear Of Losing Control

No one likes to be vulnerable, dependent on other people and lose control over his/her life unless dependence gives them more benefits than freedom. Remember, you are a wonderful, beautiful Being of Light, capable of handling any situation in your life, just believe in it.

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The Parable About Change

Now I will present you a parable about change. Study it carefully and you will notice that changes may be beneficial for you.

The Sunk Boat

Once upon the time, there was a fisherman living on the shore of a big river. His business was going well for a long time. However, lately, the river had given less fish, his equipment had become ruined and he had no means for buying a new boat so that he had to repair it every day.

The Sage’s Visit

One day a sage visited the fisherman. asking him for staying overnight. Despite living on the shoestring, the fisherman’s family entertained the sage generously, serving him a profuse dinner and giving him the best bed in the biggest room.

In the morning of the next day, the sage, leaving the house, asked the fisherman how to rectify for food and hospitality. The fisherman, seeing that the sage was not very rich, just smiled and said, ‘I can see that you are a sage and have seen a lot. Please, give me some good advice on how to get out of scarcity? And it will be enough.’ ‘Okay’ said the sage. ‘In order to stop being poor, sink your boat.’

The Disaster

The fisherman did not understand this advice. he just shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘This man has lost his mind. How can I sink my boat, especially now, making ends meet, there are still some fish. I would have died without this boat.’

As time went by, more and more misfortune was coming to the fisherman and his family. His children went hungry to bed, they were malnourished, poverty was present everywhere. One day while fishing, a big tempest had approached. The fisherman merely saved his life, but his old damaged anyway boat had sunk.

The New Life

He had no choice now. Packing a couple of things, he took his family searching for a new, better place, where he would find a job, being able to feed his family. In this way, they reached a big fishing village. The fisherman was delighted with what he had seen – small boats and big ships, but all had just had their owners so, he did not have his own one.

One day he noticed that one of these boats had needed a thorough repair and after doing so, he could use this boat for fishing. Being good at repairs of his old boat, he knew exactly what to do.

And in this way, he had become the master of boat repair. His job had been quickly noticed and appreciated and the rumours about his skills had reached all the locals: the fisherman who was making wonders, repairing boats which become better than the new ones! Then many people came to the fisherman from afar, to have their boats repaired.

After a while, the fisherman was able to buy a big house with a wonderful garden for himself and his family. He was making much money and no one remembered about starvation and past life. Only the fisherman remembered the sage’s wise words to sink the boat and start everything from scratch.

Face This Challenge

The Conclusion

What is the moral of this story? Ending something, burning all the bridges is a great opportunity to start something new, better. You need to die to be born again, in a better world. You need to lose something to gain something.

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In a Nutshell

Look at your life now. What one thing could you dump to gain something better? What is your boat? Good luck with transforming your life into the one full of abundance, happiness, health and love.


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