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How To Live Longer – Holistic Approach

Everyone asks the question “How to live longer?” There are many answers and I will present you the holistic point of view of how to make the most of your body, mind and soul.

How To Live Longer

There are two steps to follow for living longer: stop harming your temple and improve your temple.

1. Stop Harming Your Temple

Firstly, stop doing the things which harm your body, mind, heart and soul, described in the first part of this article. Now take a notebook. Look at the first part of this article again and list your “sins”, i.e. the ways you harm your body, mind, heart and soul. Then commit not to do them again anymore.

Let me remind you of some of these “sins”:

  • physical – lack of sleep, bad nutrition, incorrect posture, lack of exercise
  • mental – worry, rumination, negative thinking and beliefs,
  • emotional – holding on to negative emotions
  • spiritual – hexes, hook-ups, serving the dark beings.

2. Rebuild Your Temple

Secondly, take some action to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, in the shortest: change your life and yourself in particular.

You Can Live Longer Creating Your Healthy Body

For most of us, this category is obvious, especially when we do become ill. We all know what to stop doing (e.g. eating too much) and what to do more (e.g. doing exercises).

However, that is usually not enough. In the case of the physical body, we also need to cleanse it (colon, liver, kidneys, blood and lymph, bones and joints, lungs). Never forget of the right sleep and as I wrote above, of doing physical exercises. Breathing is also very important and you need to use your abdomen instead of your chest while inhaling and exhaling the air.

You know that doing exercises, especially the ones on strength, can even model your body. But you can also model your physical temple by cleansing it. When you get shot of toxins, ill cells and tissues, excessive fat, you not only become slimmer. The fat: muscle proportion changes, the percentage of healthy, new cells increases, you digest better and have fewer toxins.

Moreover, you can also create a new, healthy, cancer-free body by meditation and using other healing methods, like BSM or healing codes. I will write more about them in the future.

happy mind
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You Can Live Longer Creating Healthy Mind

Mental health is a big issue today. In many cases, mental illnesses are just the results of being unhappy because of negative thinking and beliefs. Hence, to improve your mental health, you do not only need to stop thinking negatively but to plant as many positive thoughts to your mind as possible.

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Each thought has a given kind of vibrations which attract similar thoughts, people and circumstances. Therefore, it is critically important to watch your thoughts and beliefs, later manifested by your language and behaviour.

You can Live Longer Creating Happy Heart

I have not written much about dealing with negative emotions so far. You can use affirmations, especially “PEACE – HARMONY – LOVE” plus all the appropriate ones for your heart and solar plexus chakras. Forgive and let the past go, inviting love, happiness and joy to your heart.

You can also use writing and physical activity to release negative emotions, e.g. anger or shame. Go to the beach and scream as loud as you can. Throw some pillows using all your strength. Eat some steak or anything else which requires lots of biting.

In order to attract positive emotions, think loving thoughts, create something inspiring (writing, painting, singing etc.) Help people in need and be generous with your time for your family, friends, but also other people, e.g. some elderly ones in the neighbourhood.

You Can Live Longer Healing Your Soul And Aura

First and foremost: keep high vibrations because then you will attract positivity to your life. High vibrations are crucial because you attract people with similar ones. So if you want to live longer, stay with positive people and learn how to be a positive person.

Remember about regular cleansing your aura with white sage, sea salt baths, meditation and other tools. Go out for a walk, charge with the energy of Four Forces of nature: Wind, Sun, Water and Earth, in the forest, cuddling the tree, wading in the sea, walking barefoot on the beach or grass.

Always wish other people well, even those who have hurt you. Remember that you never know the whole truth about them, why they behave in a particular way, what is the purpose of their malevolent acts. Never forget about forgiveness and gratitude.

Particular Cases Of Changing Your Behaviour

As you already know, negative behaviour shortens your lifespan. So what can you do to live longer? Here are some cases:

  • Appreciate your uniqueness and originality because everyone has got the energy of the Source within,
  • When someone makes you angry or other negative emotion attacks you – use breathing to restore peace and harmony. You can use the following affirmation, repeating it until your anger disappears,


This affirmation raises your vibrations, actually establishing peace, harmony and love.

  • When somebody stings you or is aggressive, apart from saying the above affirmation in your mind, you can tell them,

You are a polite person, aren’t you? Why then do you use the language of hate, swearing and insulting other people? Let’s use the language of respect: “please”, “thank you”, “love”, “I apologise” instead.

Moreover, you can even say, joking:

Can I help you with anything?

  • When you spot a negative thought or energy in your aura or mind – put it to the bin and burn with the purple light (check my article about it).

Use Meditation

You can always transform negative energy, heal your temple and reverse the death clock by practising holistic meditation. Try it next Saturday.


In A Nutshell

Today you have learnt what to do to live longer. In the shortest, take care of your body, mind, soul and heart, grow as a human being, raise your vibrations, think only positive thoughts, be generous and helpful, dealing with negative thoughts and emotions promptly. Good luck on your way to live longer.


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