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Love: How To Attract It In 6 Steps

Who of you want sot create a relationship. full of love, care, understanding and commitment? I suppose more than 99% of society. But do you know how to attract love to your life and where to start from?

Before You Begin Attracting Love

There is one important rule to follow if you want to attract love:

Love comes only when you yourself are love.

As the rest of the Universe, love undergoes the Universal Laws. The Law of Attraction is one of them. In the shortest, it stays that we attract all that vibrates with the same frequency you vibrate.

If your assumptions concerning relationships are unhealthy, you ruminate your painful experiences and have negative beliefs about love – it cannot come to your life.

Why You Cannot Attract Love

Hence, you cannot attract someone who will love you if there is no self-love in your personal life. But you will attract someone similar to you. Two auras meet and then you and him/her know that “it’s it” – you want to spend more time with each other, meet him/her or even to start a family.

If you believe that there is only one partner in the Universe for you, there will be one person available, but hidden behind other people. Were your past relationships similar? Perhaps you have dated crazy or abusive partners? Unfortunately, without self-love, you could not have other options that dating or even living with this kind of people.

Some Words of Caution

However, when you change your thinking, wonders happen. But before you learn how to use the Law of Attraction for love, bear in mind that:

You Need To Do Some Work

The tips I will describe above are simple, but they will not work without pulling up your sleeves and doing some work. It will be much easier to apply these tips of you do want to find a new, loving partner.

You Create A Given Relationship, Not a Person

This is something that many people misunderstand. We have no right to put pressure on other people’s decisions (the law of free will). We have to respect his/her independence. There is no being one’s property in love.

The Blueprint Of Attracting Love

Now I will present you the promised six ways of attracting love. Study them carefully and take the necessary action to achieve your goal.

1. Realise Your Vibrations

The Law of Attraction always works, regardless you use it consciously or not. It simply is, the same as the gravitational law. There is also another universal law important here: the Law of Correspondence which states “your outer world shows your inner world.”

Hence, all your past relationships mirrored your attitude at those times. When you change vibrations, your life will change, too. Read this article to learn how to do it. Also, do not forget to protect your vibrations from energetic vampires and other kinds of negative energy.

2. Define What You Want From Love

Your intention is crucial in the Law of Attraction. It is hard to attract something indescribable. Hence, define what kind of partner and relationship you want. I repeat again: you do not attract a particular person but a relationship with him/her. No expectation list of features and behaviours.

Buy a thin notebook and for a while describe your ideal relationship, full of love and self-love. Give yourself a time limit, a couple of days to a week. Making a final decision of what you want is essential. Your intention has to have no ambiguity and question marks. otherwise, the universe goes crazy as your order has not been placed properly.

3. Allow Love Come To Your Life

Despite common dogma about the subconscious mind, it does not need much time to change something. It is just the question of decision, one “click” and switch in your head

Hence, opening to love does not mean some weeks of meditating. You just make one, irreversible decision: “I am opening to love.” It may be easy, but more often, there will be some beliefs-programs blocking you. You will need to work with them first. More articles about beliefs will be published soon.

To become aware how you perceive love now, answer these questions:

  • What does “relationship” mean to you?
  • How does your relationship with your partner look like today? What did your past relationships look like?
  • What kind of relationship acted your parents?

Answer these questions thoroughly, writing your conclusions to the notebook. These three questions are enough to show you how far your subconscious mind is from what you want now. And it is now your responsibility to eliminate any negativity. Start from changing your thinking.

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4. Tune To Your Partner

You have to tune to your new partner. It is possible that he/she does not match your current lifestyle. It is okay, you just need to make some effort to become the person he/she wants. Just create a life which will be compatible with your new partner’s. What can you do to raise your vibrations right now?

Stay calm. If you have no ideas, check the previous steps and this website’s category Vibrations again. The Universe will give you the answer, sending you the appropriate events which will help you to tune your vibrations. Your job is not to interfere with this process and allow to be carried away by it.

5. Practise Self-Love

This step will last for a while. I have already written two articles about self-love on that website. Focus on yourself to create a so-called excessive potential, used by the Universe to guide you. Create a person whom you are proud of. Remember that thanks to self-love it will be easier to create a healthy relationship with someone else.

Never seek panacea to your wounds or someone who will fill in your void. It will never happen without self-love. Only then you are able to have a fulfilled, happy life. Self-love means maturity, which in turn means emotional stability and the feeling of life mission, helping to create and maintain the relationship. Never skip this step as otherwise, your vibration will still be too low to attract true love.

6. Trust Life

Having gone through the previous steps or being underway with the fifth one, follow this advice: trust life. You have to believe that your subconsciousness is doing everything to achieve your goal, that the Law of Attraction is working, that you are waiting for your order – without doubts, mood swings, depression, worrying, fears, the feeling of lack.

Your new, true love is under way, your new life is being created. The life which will be in accord with the life of a man/woman you want in it. Grow, focus on yourself and… just wait.

Love comes mostly unexpectedly, often at the least desirable moment. It may happen in a month’s or a year’s time. Do not look, but be sensitive for the signs. The Universe knows what it is doing.

Why not to use meditation to attract love? Join us on Saturday.


In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the six steps of attracting love to your life. Define what you want, transform negativity into high vibrations and focus on self-love. Use the Law of Attraction to your advantage. Good luck.


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