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Dear Reader. Welcome on Awaken Happy Life. Thank you for visiting my blog about happy life in a holistic way. You are probably curious about what this website is about. Because this is my first post, I will give you some ideas of what I am going to publish.

These are not all the issues and in the future you will learn more. To tell the truth, this is a blog containing restored posts from the website which unfortunately had to be ceased. Fortunately for all my faithful readers and followers, all the posts can be recovered and I will do my best to restore them here, plus add some new content.

Therefore, within the next 2 – 3 months, expect many posts published here. They will not look the same as on the old website and I can assure, you will be surprised with the result. I will also make some more improvements in comparison with the old website.

4 Dimensions of the Happy Life

Awaken happy life. For me, happiness consists of four dimensions: the mind, the heart, the spirit, and the body. If you check most of the blogs about happiness on the Internet, they focus either on the mental or spiritual side of happiness, sometimes adding some information about the healthy body.

I will do my best to integrate these four aspects so that your happy life will consist of all the necessary ingredients to be whole. Now I will tell you a bit more about what I will be writing about:

Healthy Body

There are thousands of blogs about nutrition, fitness, naturotherapy and other issues connected with the healthy body. I am not going to compete with anyone. My blog is about sharing and inspiring, not having a better SEO or number of visitors.

On the contrary, I will only focus on some, the most important issues concerning the healthy body in connection with the mind and soul. You will not find information about what is the best supplement for avoiding the flu, but I will write of the importance of stress which takes its toll on our health.

Happy Soul

Whether you believe in God or not, scientists have proved the existence of the soul. I will write about the issues concerning spiritual growth, like the laws of the Universe, reincarnation and how to be a decent person. I will not promote any religion, but I may refer to some books or beings important there, like the Bible or Jesus.

I will be promoting God as the Source of Life and Light, to whichever religion it applies. We all come from the same Source and it is only a matter of divisions we argue which God is more important. Happy Soul is about the spiritual growth which never ends and it is not a race or something to compare with others as each being is unique.

Happy Mind

Mental health is very popular now. However, treating mental challenges went in the wrong way. It is easier to put people into the labels of the textbook like “bipolar disorder” or “social anxiety”, without the deeper examining the issue from the spiritual point of view.

I will be promoting new terms for mental health, like mental fitness plus the tools which always work – affirmations, changing beliefs, thought management, the language of love and respect.

One more important thing. We often hear and are taught that you cannot control your mind, that it can overpower us. And I will tell you when you learn how to control your mind, then the current life will shake upside down. It is just that someone does not want us to be able to manage our mind.

Happy Heart

Your soul lives in your heart. Yet I will be talking about emotions and love,  compassion, gratitude, forgiveness. It is sad how many blogs treat gratitude or forgiveness as a business, while these values are immaterial. How can you measure forgiveness in categories of revenue?

Happy Heart will teach you HOW to forgive, HOW to close the past, HOW love unconditionally and make the most of your decent nature. It is also about listening to your guts, i.e. intuition.

In a Nutshell

You cannot base your happiness on only one of the dimensions: your body, your mind, your soul or your heart. All of them need to exist and cooperate in a holistic way.


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