You are welcome to participate in a weekly holistic meditation announced by me on Facebook on Saturdays at 8 pm of Irish Time. I do not hold live events, though, although they might happen in the future. I connect with you meditating and we all join our energy to create something great at the same time.

What Is A Holistic Meditation

Holistic Meditation is a connection with the universe. You do not only calm your mind but also connect with other beings – souls, extraterrestrial beings, animals. Here is what else you can do during holistic meditation:

  • charge with the energy of Mother Earth even without going to the park,
  • help yourself and other people,
  • heal by doing phantom operations,
  • cleanse from negativity,
  • close your karma,
  • and many more.

How To Practise Holistic Meditation

I have already mentioned about the process in my post about spiritual growth during the lockdown. A more detailed explanation of the process will be published shortly. Here are some brief steps to take in order to start holistic meditation:

  1. Prepare. Find a place where no one will disturb you. Take a comfortable position – lie down or sit on a comfortable chair.
  2. Calm down your mind. For example, you can listen to some relaxation music or count down from 100 to 0.
  3. Visualise moving to a favourite place – the beach, forest, paradise island – where you feel happy.
  4. Visualise cleansing yourself under the waterfall – from all kinds of negative energy.
  5. Continue your meditation according to your needs.
  6. Charge with the energy of Mother Earth.
  7. Ground and close your chakras after meditation.


A Word Of Caution

There are many kinds of meditations which you can find online. Therefore, before you start a holistic meditation, check if something does not block or excludes you.

Holistic meditation IS NOT for an individual who:

  • wants a quick fix of his/her problems,
  • seeks a business idea and intents to make a profit on it,
  • wants to show up around his/her friends, having a new skill,
  • intends to use meditation for doing harm in the Universe,
  • is not ready for the spiritual journey and facing the presence of various beings,
  • disbelieves in the existence of other beings in the Universe,
  • disbelieves that the holistic meditation can help him/her to be healthy, energetic hooks-free and having a strong aura,
  • does not believe in the transformation on the Earth,
  • serves demons and other dark forces,
  • practises black magic.

Who is Welcome To Join

However, holistic meditation is for anyone who:

  • wants to grow spiritually,
  • seeks answers for their life,
  • want to use over 80% of the brain,
  • faces health problems,
  • wants to cleanse his/her aura,
  • needs charging with the energy of Earth,
  • wants to adjust to the new vibration level of our planet,
  • faces relationship problems,
  • struggles with work,
  • has tough relationships with family and/or friends,
  • seeks forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and other values of the Light,
  • wants to discover spiritual potentials (e.g. clairvoyance, seeing auras, energy reading),
  • intends to help other beings and the Earth.

The more people will gather to meditate, the more we will help our planet and change this world for better. The meditation is free.

See you all there,



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