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This website has some topics, all indispensable to create a happy holistic life. Simply scroll to the end of the page and dip your roots into something nourishing.

It has been created to inspire, help and encourage you to grow and create a happy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

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Firstly, you are welcome to join my meditation group and connect with people who transform their lives and the world together.

Every Saturday I meditate for half an hour, connecting people together from all over the world, joining our energy and the power of minds. You can also help to transform the world and your own life. Let’s connect for meditation on Saturday at 8 PM GMT. Of course, you can pick up a different hour, depending on your time zone, and mediate with your friends.

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In the future, I will publish some guided holistic meditations for my subscribers and the members of my Facebook community.

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2. Find Information, Help And Inspiration

Secondly, it is a holistic blog, based on the years of talking to people, personal experience and reading. Life has taught me that it has to be a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of existence.

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Now more and more people are aware of the changes around the world. We are going through a big transformation but not everyone is ready to face it. Let’s give the last lockdown (which is still present in some countries) as an example. As a start, become a member of my community on Facebook, where you can give me feedback (constructive, of course) and suggest what the future meditations can be about.

Apart from the community on Facebook, you can always find what is happening on my blog, following these pages:



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