Hello, my name is Vicky, the author of Awaken Happy Life.

Before starting this blog, I was writing on the website which was about personal development form the mental point of view, commonly known as self-help or psychology. However, it was not enough to overcome life challenges. You can have wonderful goals, pursue them but still, something will be missing. I was not connected to the Source, did not take care of my energy management or aura, followed the values of the Darkness at times.

Vicky’s Road To Holistic Life

To be happy you need to make other people happy and follow some universal laws. For example, happiness is not possible without the kindness and doing good deeds, you need to plant positive thoughts and expect all that is the best from your life.

I have learned these lessons the hard way during the recent decade, struggling to cope through the most painful season of my life – lack of friends, abuse in my family and relationships, an illness, the financial instability and more.  Within last year, two dear souls have passed away.

At the end of 2016, I have awakened spiritually and started my constant holistic transformation and growth. For another two years, I was testing the new knowledge in my life, learning as much as possible about holistic life. Then I was ready to start my own blog, the one which you are viewing right now.


My growth is still underway, it is a never-ending journey. But I have gone through enough to share the lessons with you so that you can avoid some pitfalls and continue your growth in a smoother way than I did.

I am a spiritual mentor who blends a mixture of psychological and spiritual insight throughout my writings and offerings. I believe in the value of teaching a down-to-earth and holistic approach to spirituality. My work has been described as refreshingly pragmatic, illuminating and life-changing.

I also combine my energy with other beings during Saturday meditation – joining forces together can seed up the process of transformation on the planet and also help you with personal challenges. it concerns healing, cleansing from negative energy, lightening up challenging issues encountered in life.

The Goals of Vicky’s Blog

As you could read on my homepage, this website has been created to inspire, help and connect. During these turbulent times, which lead to the New Age on the Earth, Awaken Happy Life is here

  • to help you with surviving these turbulent times of transformation on the Earth
  • to give you the tools for transforming your life in a holistic way,
  • to give you an opportunity to learn more about holistic life,
  • to inspire you to follow the values of the Light
  • to inspire and help you with personal and spiritual growth,
  • to change this world for better, by meditating and praying.

I will do my best to fulfil these goals by writing three fresh (and hopefully insightful) holistic life articles twice a week to give you the tools you need to thrive.  I promise you will not find inspiring content on this site.  Regardless of the topic at hand, these views are my own, based on personal experience. 

Currently, the site contains 90 articles on holistic life. You can use the tips on how to handle the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your existence.

Check the blueprints already available on my blog.

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Good luck with exploring Awaken happy Life and making the most of the knowledge, experience and tips found here.


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